Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portland Beer Price Index: Autumn 2011

The days have been growing rapidly shorter, and here we are at the autumn equinox. Time for the 2011 third quarter Portland Beer Price Index:

  • 6-packs: $9.04, up 1 cent
  • 22-ounce bombers: $4.94, down 14 cents
  • 6-packs (sale price): $8.74, up 5 cents
  • 22-ounce bombers (sale price): $4.78, down 12 cents
  • 16 oz. draft: $4.33, unchanged
  • 16 oz. draft (happy hour): $3.57, unchanged

Six-pack prices continue their upward trend, but the regular bomber price of $4.94 is the lowest (adjusted) price I've recorded in the two-plus years of the index. The huge drops in the bomber numbers are all attributable to lower prices on the high-end bombers: Pelican, Rogue, and Beer Valley. Pelican IPA continues to give me trouble. I only found it at two stores in my survey this time, though both of them had it at the entirely reasonable price of $5.

Remember, this is not a complaint about beer prices, it's an exercise in tracking price trends over time. Click here for an explanation of how the PBPI numbers are gathered. Join me at the winter solstice for the fourth quarter PBPI.


  1. You may want to do this again next month. Widmer, Bridgeport, Full Sail and Deschutes all heading up about $1.50 per case at wholesale on 10/3 for 6 and 12 packs.

    Most higher end bombers will hold for now. Maybe an increase in February?

  2. Prices falling on bombers seems to me to be a function of increased competition. And it's a good thing!

    As always, Bill, I'm so happy you do this. It's a great public service.

  3. @priceit: Next month, no. But 3 months from now I'll see the price difference. That's the whole idea, the survey is taken every 3 months. I'm intrigued: what makes you think bomber prices will go up next year?

    @Jeff: Thanks! I also think bombers have been wrongly priced. I hope someday in the future to show a graph where the bomber SPE crosses below the six-pack price.

  4. In talking with a couple brewers and distributors at least a couple of the bombers you survey are looking to take an increase. The final amount of this increase is still up for debate, in fact, the whole thing could be called off, but I would not be surprised with a 20 cent increase on the higher profile items you survey.
    Other than Pyramid, there is not alot of increases coming to the bombers for October.