Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Portland Fresh Hop Map

Last year I made a map of places around town that had Fresh Hop beers on tap. The 2010 Fresh Hop Map got surprisingly full; I think the trend is only increasing, and I expect this year's map to get even more crowded.

View 2011 Portland Fresh Hop Beers in a larger map

Luckily, I got a couple of volunteers this year to help with the upkeep:  Charles from An Ear for Beer, and my twitter/neighborhood friend Tracy.  If you see a fresh hop beer on tap that isn't on the map let us know the following information:
  • The brewery
  • The name of the fresh-hop beer
  • The establishment serving it
  • The date it went on tap (approximately)
  • How well you liked it
  • Any trivia you know about it (e.g. hop variety)
You can supply the information in a comment on this post, but if you're on the twitters, a tweet might get our attention faster: @itspubnight (me), @HumuloneRed (Charles), or @TracyTThomas (Tracy).

We're only mapping Portland, so please don't report locations in Hood River, Astoria, Denver, or even Vancouver. If that rankles you, feel free to maintain your own map and I will publicize yours right here.

As I write this, there are only four entries, but trust me, it's going to go crazy very soon.


  1. Bill, I will also depend on you to be the Meriwether Lewis of fresh-hop exploration. Your notes last year were indispensable.

  2. Kind of a back-handed compliment there, Jeff. You know that Lewis had a history of mental illness, right?