Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 Pub Night Memories

Last year by accident I didn't reminisce about the previous year until the end of January. I enjoyed that month's delay so much that I'm going to make it a tradition. Now that you've had a breather from all the looking back, looking forward, and the Top 7 Top 5 Lists, it's time to take a walk down memory card lane. Here is a slideshow of pictures that I took at various beer events last year that never made it into the blog:

It's great to look back on the good times of last year, and reflect on the good times to come this year, though my enjoyment is dampened right now by some terrible news about an old friend I received as I was compiling this slideshow. Come what may, I hope you all have a great year.

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  1. That Upright and Genever event was strangely memorable. I especially liked discovering the pub, where I've returned a few times. Love the vibe.

    I also like that you got me with a pen in my pocket for maximum nerditude. Fortunately, everyone's eye will be drawn to Chad Kennedy.


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