Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portland Pub Crawls

There's something I have to get off my chest: I invented the Portland Pub Crawl.

Jeff's helpful series on Portland Pub Crawls -- so far he's done part 1 (downtown) and part 2 (SE) -- is what set me off on this rant. Can you believe it? His downtown pub crawl only visits Deschutes one time. And skips Tugboat. That's not crawling, that's limping. Well, or whatever is less than crawling.

Angelo and Margaret have done a smashing job the last couple years with Brewpublic's Division Street Pub Crawl. But who invented that pub crawl? I did, here in 2009.

I would be remiss in my egotism if I didn't also take credit for Ezra and Lisa's Night of the Living Ales, which I invented a year earlier in this post about the not-yet-open Migration Brewing, just as an offhand mention of an alphabetical pub crawl along NE 28th. A freebie.

Now word comes from Nicole of a moving bicycle bar, making the rounds in NW Portland, in a watered-down version of the Biking Pub Marathon Dave and I did a few years ago. The rolling pub is a pretty cool idea, I hope an army of cloven-hoofed blood-sucking lawyers doesn't descend to make this kind of fun impossible in Portland. Also, watch out for those streetcar tracks, guys.

Here are a few more Portland pub crawl ideas for you:
Next week:  How I Invented the Beer Cocktail.


  1. You should also claim more than a little credit for urbanbeerhikes.com.

    It was your blog that made me think, "Man, if THIS guy can have a blog, why can't I?"

  2. Didnt you originally create International IPA Day and beer cocktails too?

  3. I'm pretty sure you came up with this idea before leaving Austin, too.


  4. "Invent" is a pretty big word for a part-time blogger, buddy. It reminds me of when I invented dry hopping in 1995. Owing to too much relaxing and having too many homebrews, my friends and I forgot the finishing hops, which we discovered on the counter. In a panic, we jammed them into the carboy and came up with DEElicious beer. Sadly, much like you, I learned that we were some centuries late to the party.

    Points for chutzpah, though.

  5. The bike crawl--that was innovative. I may give you that one.

  6. I'm glad you guys are taking this in the sarcastic spirit it was offered. It confirms my faith in humanity, at least the beer drinking parts.