Friday, July 8, 2011

Get It in the Can on East Burnside

I'm volunteering to pour beer tomorrow evening (Saturday, July 8), at the Guild Public House's Cans Fest.  In honor of that:

Hat tip to Lee, who posted the Get It in the Can video a couple years ago.  I'm not above juvenile humor; I would normally be above linking to a Bud Lime ad, but Lee said his readership went through the roof after he posted it.  Sold!

Now, about the Cans Fest.  Put aside your fears that the BPA liners in beer cans will kill you faster than your beer and greasy food habits.  There are beers from several breweries pouring at this festival that are not generally available in Portland:
  • Central City (British Columbia)
  • Kenai River (Alaska)
  • SanTan (Arizona)
  • Ska (Colorado)
  • Two Beers (Seattle)
  • Uncommon Brewers (Santa Cruz)
I think the Avery selections at the festival are not usually seen in these parts, and the festival will debut cans from Portland nano Natian Brewing.  If you haven't yet been to the Guild -- a comfortable little pub located at 11th and East Burnside -- the Cans Fest is a good opportunity to check it out.  And a good opportunity to get it in the can.


  1. For what it's worth, if BPA was lethal in beer cans, my dad would have died by 1973.

  2. I understand that the accounts of impotence, teething pains, female baldness, and male pregnancy attributed to BPA are also wildly exaggerated.

  3. I think the amount of dihydrogen monoxide in beer cans is much more worrisome.

  4. ....but did ya get it in the can?

  5. Well, not sure my actual readership shot through the roof, but my hits certainly did. I'm back down to more normal levels now.

  6. Oh yeah, posts that somehow imply naked chicks may be found on your blog also drive up hits. My post titled "My Wife Is Hot" still gets me quite a few visitors. :-)