Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Pub Night Memories

Last year for some filler at the end of the year I put up a slideshow with a lot of beery photos that never made it into It's Pub Night during 2009. I thought I would do the same thing this year, but in the whirlwind of holiday activity/depression nothing ever happened. Well, better late than never. Here are some photographic highlights of 2010, to illustrate what a good time we have here in Beervana.

The photo of Don Younger holding the bronze rubber chicken isn't an afterthought -- it brought a smile to my face and was immediately included as I put the slideshow together Friday night, before I knew anything about his hospitalization.  It shows what a presence the man is, in sickness and in health.

I hope that in 2011 I get to take as many pictures of Angelo taking pictures as I did in 2010.


  1. Bill:
    Some really good memories there. I love the 'year in review' post (hey, it's still January... you just made it!).

    Love the photo of my wife and her twin fistfuls of heady pours at FredFest (I believe that was the last of the Wild Duck Old GnarleyHead BW). And, of course, Don Younger and his rubber chicken.

    Cheers and hoping for more Pub Night fun in '11.

  2. Fun stuff to watch. Looks like a pretty good year.

  3. I need to remember that your photos often end up in the publick domain.