Monday, July 12, 2010

Alchemy Name Change

A few weeks ago, Ezra reported that Jason McAdam's new venture, originally called Alchemy Brewing, had to be renamed Foundry Brewing, apparently to avoid encroaching on the Widmer Brothers' trademarked Alchemy hops.

I've learned from a reliable source -- actually Google -- that the saga continues: it appears Alchemy has applied to register the trademark Burnside Brewing Company. The name reflects their new location in the former Ozone Records location at 7th and East Burnside, and not any predilection for scruffy facial hair. Someone should register Muttonchop Brewing and ride on Jason's coattails. (General Burnside photo lifted from: History and War.)


  1. I went to Roots a few weeks ago, and asked the girls at the bar about the Foundry, and they had no idea what I was talking about. When I mentioned the location, they said "oh, the burnside brewery!" I thought maybe at roots they were calling it "the burnside brewery"; like a working title... didn't realize it was an official name change.

    I talked to a few people about the space, and have seen them working over there pretty much every day. They're taking over both the Swiss Cleaners, and the ozone records/airplay cafe space.

    The last I heard, they're turning the swiss cleaners into the walk in cooler, and all the taps will come out into the airplay space through the wall between the two.

    There will be a full kitchen, and from what I've heard, it will be a pretty open kitchen layout.

    Everyone I've talked to that knows what's going on over there seems really excited about it. Sounds promising.

    Anyone hear anything about a projected time-line for opening?

  2. It is interesting that the name was changed from Alchemy to Burnside Brewing Company as to not encroach on another breweries trademark.

    I wonder what Olde Burnside Brewing Company thinks of the new name?

    I guess if they don't plan to distribute to the same states, it doesn't matter so much, but it seems way more similar and confusing that the stuff Bear Republic is going through right now.

  3. Jeff: The Bear Republic thing has to do not just with the name but also the appearance of Central City's Red Racer. Also, it's not something Bear Republic is going through, it's something they are putting someone else through.

    The stupidest one I can think of is Willamette Valley Winery forcing Willamette Brewing to change their name to Oakshire. It's as if Cascade dishwashing detergent threatened to sue Cascade Brewing.

    Lawyers are a blight on everything good in the world. Those of you out there who are lawyers, you need to use your talents to reduce the number of other lawyers in the world.

  4. Guys,
    I was actually just chilling at Burnside Brewing last week. The space is going to be awesome. The production space is huge. Even bigger than Ace Cleaners as it goes all the way through the block to the other side.

    As far as naming, Burnside is locked in and lawyer approved now!

    I gotta say Oakshire has gotten screwed twice. First with the Willamette name and then Laurelwood sued them for use of the oak tree in their logo! If you remember it looked much more realistic in the old logo and then they had to make it all abstract

  5. Ezra: That's right, I forgot about the oak tree business!

    So, tell us when Burnside is going to open.

  6. Its too early to predict their opening but the brew system is supposed to be ready at the end of August and will be a custom made 15 barrel system. Pretty decent size. Upright's is 10. Who knows if that will be on time though.
    It is also possible they would open the pub ahead of time.

  7. Any word on if they're going to do anything with that big parking lot? It would be neat if they turned half of it into a patio. It's a lot of space, and Burnside is going to have permanent recessed parking on both sides of the street by the time they open anyway.

    They'd probably qualify for a PDC grant to fix up the appearance of the front of the building too. I know the pizza place across the street that's opening soon (sizzle pie) got one. Not sure if that could be applied to the development of the lot though.

    It'll be a nice little libation block with Kir tucked in the same building on 7th there.

  8. There will be a patio and there will be sweet events taking over the lot. Look for an Oktoberfest party and quite probably a festival put on by Samurai Artist Productions....

  9. This seems to be happening a lot right now. Black Raven Brewing just lost a two-year fight to trademark their name. Ravenswood Winery claimed the name Black Raven was an infringement on their trademark since it used the word 'raven' and both companies produced alcoholic beverages. Geoff had a good write-up on it at Seattle Beer News.


  10. Even though I said the Willamette/Oakshire thing was the stupidest, I guess the Monster/Vermonster threat was worse than that.