Friday, June 19, 2009

Portland Blog Recommendation

Surprisingly, I seem to be the only Portland blogger -- maybe the only blogger anywhere -- to link to one of the brightest new beer-related blogs in town, A Pint for Dionysus. The author, semi-anonymous like many of us, signs his name as either "DM" or "grotusque", and he's at his best when he frames his beer adventures in a kind of confessional narrative, like this gem about an outing to a neighborhood dive.

Ah yes, neighborhood dives. I sense a kindred spirit in Grotusque, someone who prefers the high life, but who can also enjoy a High Life. To illustrate what I'm talking about: he has taken on a "52 weeks" project to report on a different craft beer every Monday at Bailey's Taproom, yet he has a fair number of posts about Portland dives, like his recent writeup of the Slingshot. I hope he follows up on the hints that he's going to map out the Foster Road dive scene for us.

The articles in A Pint for Dionysus seem about evenly divided between craft beer reports, dive bar investigations, and homebrewing anecdotes. A pretty good mix; about the only base he doesn't have covered is bikini bottle-opening tricks. I also like the idea of naming your blog after a capricious Greek god: after all, bloggers are self-appointed by divine right.

Blog readers, put Dionysus into your mix. Blog authors, give some juice to a new voice. Grotusque, keep up the good work.

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