Friday, June 26, 2009

Moon and Sixpence

Six months ago when I was musing about pubs I was more likely to visit now that Oregon bans smoking in bars, the Moon and Sixpence was second only to the Horse Brass on my list. Turns out I have been going to the Brass a lot, but I guess the Moon is just far enough away from my house that Wednesday night was my first visit this year. Lagunitas founder Tony Magee was there to play some music, and some special Lagunitas treats were being served.

Dave and I staked out a dartboard to entertain ourselves while we enjoyed cask-conditioned honest pints of Hop Stoopid and Little Sumpin' Sumpin', as well as a delicious bourbon-barrel Imperial Stout. Charles and Teresa hung out and chatted for a while before heading outside to listen to the music. The Sumpin' seemed an odd choice to have on cask, but the Hop Stoopid IPA worked very well for us -- although Ted over at Brewers Union thinks it's insane to try and serve these big IPAs cask-style.

One thing I hadn't taken note of before was how nice the outside patio at M+6 is. There might be even more seating outside than inside, and with the weather we've had lately, it's a good place to be. Of course now the cigarette smoke that used to be inside the pub has moved to the patio, but it's not a problem outside, where it used to be annoyingly dense inside.

Moon and Sixpence has a good dart setup: one room with two dartboards, and a kind of weird dog run with a single dartboard (but two chalkboards for scoring -- why?). The dart action, combined with a good selection of 15 taps and 2 casks, makes it a good destination in the Hollywood area.


  1. Bill,

    Glad you pointed this out, I need to make it back there, I used to love this pub but stopped going due to the smoke, now I had kinda forgot about it. How was that bourbon imperial stout?

  2. Derek: The lagunitas BB stout was a nice example, you got your bourbon and vanilla flavors really nicely. A little flat (click the top picture to see the top of a glass of it).

    They said it was 8.5%; it seemed stronger than that to me.

  3. The second, seemingly extraneous chalkboard is for winter, when there's a fourth dartboard on the back of the door leading to the patio.

    As you said - it's a great patio. Good food, too.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up, Dave! I was also imagining massive cutthroat games that required two chalkboards.

  5. I always enjoy the Moon + 6 when I get out there. Timing occasionally can be an issue, as I've gone and not been able to find a place to sit-but a small complaint against an otherwise cool place.

  6. I always enjoy the Moon & Sixpence too. The red seal on cask is a favorite, and their rotating selections are almost always impressive and tasty.