Thursday, September 12, 2013

Help Keep the Portland Growler Price Map Up-to-Date!

The Portland Growler Price Map has been touted in the sidebar of It's Pub Night for years. Personally, I haven't been taking home that many growlers recently, so the map is woefully -- ridiculously -- out of date. Therefore, I'm going to ask for your help to start whipping it back into shape, so that it becomes a useful resource again.

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Considering the great upswing in interest in growlers lately, this map really needs a reboot. In the past year we have seen places open up which focus heavily on growlers -- the Tin Bucket, the Imperial Bottleshop -- and even grocery stores like Zupan's and Local Choice are getting in on the act. Heck, one of the best growler deals in town right now is at a convenience store -- the 39th Mini Mart on Cesar Chavez has $10 fills and a fairly interesting selection of 12 taps. As I write this, none of those places have yet been added to the map.  Not even fairly well established breweries like Gigantic or the Commons are on the map.  It's embarrassing.

Here is my plea for your help.  Would your business like its growler offerings to show up on the map?  Email me the details (see below).  Are you a beer fanatic who is always coming home with a growler or two?  Next time you have a growler filled, take some notes and send them to me (see below).  Are you an insanely dedicated growler aficionado, who knows how to update a Google Map, who would like access to the map, so you don't even have to go through me to update it?  Please email me, I'd love to hear from you.


When the map first came out, I would get comments on the blog like "I think Amnesia has growlers for $13 or $14, but I don't remember exactly, can you add that to the map?"  Short answer:  NO.  I need at least the following information before I can add your information to the map:
  • Price (range) to fill 64 ounce growler.
  • Price to buy the growler itself (if available).
  • Whether they'll only fill their own labeled growler.
  • Whether they'll fill 2-quart mason jars.
  • The date of your information.
  • Special sale prices or happy hours (if any).
The growler price map was one of the first cool things that happened on this blog, and it spawned a couple of even better ideas like the Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator and the Portland Beer Price Index.  It's too bad I let it fall into such disrepair.  I hope to recapture some of the glory days with your help.  Thanks in advance!


  1. Replies
    1. That might give people the mistaken idea that this is up-to-the-minute information. But if you make an app that takes the data from this map, I will promote it.

  2. Do you track prices outside of the City? What about Chehalem, for example?

    1. In the original post, I threw out a 20-mile radius from Portland. Do you mean the Chehalem tasting room in Newberg? I suppose I might add them, though it would take a savvy Google Maps user to notice it on the map.


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