Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two More Thoughts on Jubel(ale)

First a brief note, then a great Jubelale reminiscence.


Deschutes announced earlier this week that the Portland Pub was serving Super Jubel 2012 -- the yearly double Jubelale that we were lucky enough to taste the rarely bottled 2000 and 2010 versions of at my recent 10-year vertical tasting of Jubelale.  I suspect it will be on for a few days, but it's always fun to try, so hurry in and check it out. [Update: I went in today for my yearly dose.  Vinuous (it's aged in Pinot barrels), boozy, and bitter, it's quite a treat.  But it bears little resemblance to Jubelale.]


As I was plotting that 10-year vertical late last year, a local Twitter buddy named Jason -- who I had not yet met in real life -- expressed an interest in attending it.  That worked well with my plan to select a group of people to whom such a stunt might matter, as opposed to forcing it on bewildered friends and neighbors, so of course he got an invite once I finally organized it.

While I was pretty proud of my 9-year old stash of Jubelales, and excited at the prospect of tasting 12-year-old Jubel 2000 which predates my relatively recent arrival here, Jason had an even better Jubelale story:

Attached is a photo of myself and a couple buddies in the Army.  In December, 1990, we were stuck in Saudi Arabia waiting for the Gulf War.  I had just turned 21 that summer and been shipped out to a dry country a week later.  My dad smuggled in a care package of a dozen Jubelale bombers wrapped up in sweatshirts and other cold weather gear.  Has been one of my favorites ever since.

Jubelale bombers?  Great call, Dad.  Thanks to Jason for sharing the story and picture.

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