Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beer Advocate Loves Portland

First the New York Times got a huge crush on us, and now Beer Advocate.  Have you noticed that three of the last four BA magazine covers feature Portland beer people?
  • #56: Ryan Schmiege (Deschutes Portland Pub)
  • #57: Geoff Phillips and the gang at Bailey's Taproom
  • #59: Eric Bottero (Bazi Bierbrasserie)
The picture of Ryan was taken when he was working in Bend, but he's been brewing in Portland for more than a year.

The New York Times has been all over Portland for a few years now, especially for our food carts and restaurants.  But when they published a gushing review of Portland barbershops -- including Bart's Barbershop, where I get shorn every few months -- I knew their infatuation had crossed the line into weird obsession.  The picture of Bazi manager Bottero mixing a beer cocktail creeps me out in a similar way.  I don't mean any offense to Bazi by that -- it's an interesting new place -- but it doesn't seem to me to be at the forefront of beer cocktails, or even of the Portland beer scene.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:  Find a Portland connection in the picture on the cover of Beer Advocate #58.  One of the bottles?  One of the people wandering around?


  1. Just a minor correction. Bazi is owned by a female. Eric is the General Manager.

    Other than that, I always enjoy reading your articles and eclectic point of view.

  2. i want to play, but need a bigger copy of that magazine cover! i don't see any familiar beer labels in the small image...

  3. Hilda: Sorry about that, I fixed it now!

    Jim: My copy arrived yesterday, and the mailing label covers a prime part of the bottle area. I'm not sure we'll find any gold there. I was sort of hoping to glimpse a giant orange beard and ponytail in the back of the room there.

  4. Bill:
    I have yet to find the 'Portland connection' on #58's cover, but the article on pp. 18-19 of that issue, '9 Steps to Beerdom' (a monthly highlight of one brewer and his/her back story) features Alex Ganum of Upright!


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