Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Low in Advertising

In case you don't recognize it, the object in the picture is a urinal mat.  I thought it was a good idea to stick my cellphone way down into the mens' room urinal at the Horse Brass the other day, to take this picture and share with you its advertising slogan:

Burning Sensation?

Next time make it a Cascade Lakes Brew

Not sure I'd want to advertise my fizzy yellow product in this way, but maybe it will pay off for them.  By the way, Cascade Lakes of Redmond is not to be confused with Cascade Brewing of Portland.  I used to pick up some Cascade Lakes six-packs when they were on sale at Belmont Station, but I'll admit it's been awhile since I had anything from them.  Anyone have an opinion on them?

My sportswriter friend Bret was in town, so we were at the Horse Brass to see Germany's rout of Australia in the World Cup.  Too bad Cascade Lakes didn't plunk down a little extra for these Uro-Goal mats, with a builtin goalpost.  Speaking of World Cup, apparently Kell's is the place to go in Portland for the 4 AM games.  Even though they can't serve beer at that time, they've got the screens on and the kitchen is open.


  1. I saw these this weekend, but didn't get close enough to read the fine print. I thought maybe they were advertising an over the counter "clap" solution or something!

  2. I guess Cascade lakes has a 'pot to piss in.' ;-}

  3. I like a good, solid burning sensation...clears my sinuses.

  4. Funny, I was just thinking about this at the Brass on Sunday. Don' really know what to make of it.