Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Beer and Wine Fest 2010

The Spring Beer and Wine Fest is an oddity in Portland -- an Easter weekend beer festival largely eschewed by beer geeks and Catholics.

The hard core turn up their nose because of the pedestrian offerings at the festival. Nevertheless, there are a few unusual beers that merit your attention.

Best in show: Block 15's Pappy's Dark. A bourbon-aged Old Ale with beautiful vanilla, whiskey, and molasses goodness. Right now both taps at Block 15's booth are Pappy's, despite the stout label on the other tap.

Check out the Black Mamba from Salem-area brewers Gilgamesh. Their IPA is homebrewy, but the cloudy no-hop Mamba flavored with black tea had a delicious fruity flavor.

Try the burly Collaborator Ale-X (poured by Rob Widmer in the picture). I also liked the Astoria West Coast Pils - a cloudy masterpiece that is like a beefy Victory Prima.


  1. much did it cost to taste "3" good beers? ;-}

  2. How much did it cost to sit at home and doctor your own wort? Relax nerd.

  3. *sighs* You do know that Christians who aren't Catholic do Easter too, right? And that a lot of Christians who aren't Catholic also do the Triidium? probably don't know what Triidium is, though, if you think only Catholics aren't going to go to a beer festival on pretty much the busiest weekend for Christians of any and all stripes.

    But that's not why I skipped it this year. I was down in Napa drinking wine with my family instead.

  4. Mary Sue: you busted me -- I didn't know the meaning of Triduum until your comment. But apparently you don't know how to spell it, smarty pants.

    And I beg pardon to the non-Catholic Triduummies out there. Though you've got to admit, when you think of kids skipping school on Good Friday, it's mostly Catholics.