Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Impressions of Migration Brewing

A handful of the Pub Night gang headed over to Migration Brewing yesterday for its opening night. There are only guest taps for now, but next Wednesday they will put on their Migration Pale Ale. The fine folks at Lompoc Brewing are doing a great community service by letting brewer Michael Branes brew on their system until Migration's rig is ready. That's Michael on the left in the picture, next to co-founder Colin Rath at last night's opening.

The space is nicely done, with high ceilings open to the rafters, lots of unfinished wooden tables, and a couple of nooks with couches in them. Last night we sat at about the spot where a pile of dirt sat next to the kegerator on my exploratory visit a few months ago -- you can see how much work went into getting the place ready. It's not a huge space, but with the open feel, the garage door in front, and the wooden bowls of peanuts in the shell, it's kind of like a Lucky Lab with a nice paint job. I hope that doesn't sound snarky in either direction -- I love hanging out at the Lucky Lab and I think Migration will have a nice hangout vibe also.

There is a square cove to the right of the bar which will soon become the home of a couple of dartboards.  Hooray!  It's a good setup, there will be a "lean bar" about chest height along the dart room wall, a place to set your beer and darts.  It's tucked away nicely, there shouldn't be any traffic issues there.

One quibble: I wish Migration had hit the ground running with honest pints instead of the ubiquitous shaker pints. Given all the similarities with the Lucky Lab, I'm surprised they didn't break out imperial pint glasses.  Or, being a new operation, why not start out on the right foot and have glassware marked with a 16-ounce or half-liter line?  More and more places are doing that these days.

Some more general observations:
  • Kids are allowed until 8 PM
  • Good bike racks out front
  • Food is simple (sandwiches, sausages), but pretty reasonably priced.  Most things seemed to be about $7.50.
  • The patio will be a great place to hang out in good weather
For further reading: eyewitness reports from Jason and Angelo.


  1. You make a lot of astute observations, Bill. I agree with the pint size. I really am not a fan of the shakers myself. No wonder I was able to drink one of everything on tap yesterday. Also, your point about the vibe being similar to that of Lucky Lab-I was saying the same thing yesterday, too. All in all, it's a great start, and hopefully they'll smooth out the wrinkles as time progresses.

  2. It's all about the beer, ulitmately, but that is strange about the pint glass, given that their logo is an imperial. I'm holding out to visit until their own beer's on tap.