Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Portland Beer Blogs

This beer blogging thing is a pretty competitive business. I leave the country for 10 days, and four new Portland beer blogs start up:
Ezra is so plugged in to the Portland beer scene, that the New School is going to be a must-read blog for getting the latest information. I'll go ahead and take credit for the birth of that blog: I've been encouraging Ezra to start a blog for about the last year and a half. At first I think he worried that it would conflict with his job at Belmont Station; now that he's moved on from there I guess he feels more free to express himself. So far he's been cranking out close to one post a day -- I hope he doesn't burn out, because he turns up lots of good material.

Speaking of burning out, Dave Selden is going to write about one beer a day until September 26, 2012. Haven't you heard of the kid in the candy shop, Dave? I hope he can pull it off, although it would have made much more sense to wrap up the project at the end of the Mayan calendar on the 2012 winter solstice. I'm usually skeptical about beer-a-day projects like this, but I like it that it highlights Dave's low-tech beer app 33 Beers.

I was beginning to wonder if Facebook and Twitter had killed blogging, but it looks like it's alive and well. There must be about a dozen good Portland beer blogs that I follow now.


  1. all credit goes to you Bill, you are my inspiration.
    I gotta keep posting new blogs so I can keep up with Angelo, he is a wily SOB

  2. Yeah, Angelo and Margaret bring a good game, I think you are going to be good competition for them!

  3. I think Ezra is kickin ass, so far!

  4. Bill, Thanks for the mention and the link here, I appreciate it. Looking forward to sharing my beer experiences and stories, while continuing to follow the several other Portland-area beer bloggers.

  5. Bill, thanks for linking my blog. It has been more beer than music so far, which may be the case long term. Hopefully, I will bring something worthwhile to the local scene.