Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yellowstone Vacation Beers

Finding surprisingly good beer on a family vacation to Yellowstone. The Old Faithful Inn has a few good taps, like Bozeman Brewing's Bozone Amber in the grainy picture - my favorite here. A few safe bottles from Big Sky and Idaho's Grand Teton are available at the inn and the general store.

There is a pretty good beer culture in Montana. We stayed one night in Missoula and had a couple nice ones at the hotel. Kettlehouse Cold Smoke tasted like Lompoc Strong Draft to me, though lighter in color and a little sweeter. Blackfeet IPA was also tasty - think Ninkasi Total Domination.

Red Lodge Pale Ale is the only Wyoming beer I've gotten to so far. Well done, but not as satisfying as the Montana ales.


  1. Bayern Pilsner out there is pretty good as well. Moosedrool is good when on tap - skunky in bottles.

  2. I passed on the Bayern and Moose Drool, since we can get them in Portland anyway.

    Big Sky is now selling cans also, maybe that solves the skunkiness problem?

  3. Bayern Pilsner is excellent / is my favorite pilsner.

    Early this year, informed by Michael Pollan's works, I undertook to replace my two Western European pilsners with 'local' beer.

    I have sampled 15 Pacific NW pilsners / pilseners, bottled and tap. Bayern Pilsner is my favorite. I have had to define local as 600 mile / day's drive

    Albeit, I continue the quest.
    A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.'-Czech proverb.

  4. Jack: Well, 600 miles is better than 6000 miles. I'll check out the Bayern Pilsner, thanks for the tip.