Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thumbs Up for Lupulin No. 3

I'm sitting here in the Pilsner Room with a pint of the third batch of Full Sail's 2008 Lupulin Ale, this one made with Nugget hops. Lighter in color than batch number one, the flavor reminds me much more of last year's awesome brew, more vegetably and less bitter than the batch made with Mt. Rainier hops.

Get it while it lasts -- it looks like the second batch (Cascade hops) went on while I was out of town, and it's already gone (though I hope to catch it at a Tastival).


  1. "Get it while it lasts"---

    You mock me, sir!

  2. Bill:
    Bryce, Sharon & I tried the Nugget #3 yesterday at was the best of the 3 FS beers and one of the best all day. They even had it on draught in the FS Tasting Room (but wouldn't fill a growler with it! :( )

  3. Po: I was targeting you directly.

    Brian: I couldn't make it out there yesterday, I'll have to wait for Hopworks. What else was good?