Friday, September 26, 2008

San Jose Airport Beer Blues

What a wasteland! Once I got past security at terminal C of Mineta Airport, my only draft beer options were Bud and Bud Light at the sports-themed bar. No one was taking them up on it. Compare PDX, with Rogue and Laurelwood pubs, and at least some Widmer taps at the hot dog stands.

The other bar in the terminal at San Jose -- called Martini Monkey -- used to have a couple of taps: Sierra Nevada Pale and Widmer at least, but now they only offer the bottles in the picture above. Gordon Biersch Marzen was the least of all evils. Six bucks... What's the six-pack equivalent price of that? Oh, $36? Guess I'll stop complaining about growler prices.

There is a GB pub in the other terminal, but there's no connection behind security as at the Portland airport. Get me outta here!


  1. O, the perils of a place with poor on-tap choices! After years of absolutely ZERO off-campus fraternizing by my department, we recently have started doing happy hours. I made one. Our corner of Austin has very few watering hole options, and the one our department seems to always choose has only Bud and Widmer Hefe on tap.

    No thank you, and carry on without me, lads!

  2. Wasteland indeed... I feel your pain. My most recent air travel was PDX to San Jose and back. My departure from PDX was helped along by the sharing of a Double Oregon Hef and a Space Stout from Laurelwood. My return departure from San Jose (terminal C, of course) was significantly more painful – and made me very happy to be heading back home to Portland. Even flying out of Eugene yielded a better tap selection than Mineta International.

  3. Man, that's just wrong. Any place that close to San Francisco ought to have better beer choices.

    I transferred through Mineta going to and from visiting you this summer, but never noticed the beer selection since I was there in the morning both ways.

    Damn, even the airport in El Paso had Bass.

  4. I think I would have to choose that bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

  5. Stuck in Oakland's airport until midnight recently - at least they had a Gordon Biersch Restaurant. Was just at PDX yesterday [and I know I'm preachin' to the choir here] but the selection there of local beers is better than some of the cities I've visited.