Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Speak of the Devil

The last entry mentioned that the Tugboat brewpub downtown often pours beers from Off the Rail Brewing (which I mistakenly called "Off the Rails"), the brewery that names most of their beers after Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath songs. Corey commented that OtR is out of business -- which is also the impression I had, based on a Belmont Station blog entry a few months ago -- but the Tugboat people scoffed at the idea.

So I shot Off the Rail an email to see what was up, and got this reply from Antoinette Bragdon: "Nope this is a rumor started some time ago that refuses to die. Here to Stay!". I guess my rock lyric memory isn't what it used to be, because at first I was surprised that she would pick the phrase "Here to stay" from a Motorhead song (Built for Speed), instead of something more Sabbathy, like "Never say die". Google was able to remind me that it's also a line in Ozzy's You Can't Kill Rock And Roll.

She also gave me some tips on where to find Off the Rail beer around town:
  • Pizza Schmizza: various locations
  • Pub at the End of the Universe: hmmm, not far from Hopworks
  • Nuestra Cocina: SE Division
  • Rock n Roll Pizza: way SE Powell
  • Greek Village Tavern: Beaverton
  • Malone's Ale House: Beaverton
  • Malone's Cafe and Bar: Beaverton
I'm a little embarrassed not to have tried their Over the Mountain Stout at Tugboat, but I was on a different mission that night. I'll seek out some of their beer pretty soon. Rock n Roll Pizza will forever have a place in my heart for hosting a Hanzel und Gretyl (website) show a couple years ago, but I suspect it will be one of the closer SE places or a Pizza Schmizza where I try some Off the Rail. If you spot it somewhere, don't be Paranoid, leave a comment here.

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