Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beer Bottle Hidden Picture Puzzle

There were three large bins of broken bottles sitting by the bottle-return station at the 39th and Hawthorne Fred Meyers a few days ago.  I snapped a couple of cellphone pictures on a whim, in case they would come in handy to illustrate some kind of ecological or penny-pinching rant I might go on.

The nearly intact Full Sail bottle pinned down this particular shot, but as I looked at it today I was kind of astounded at the large percentage of these bottles that once held good beer.  Without trying too hard, I can spot 3 different Deschutes labels, 2 Widmers, a Spaten, a Hales, and a New Belgium, in addition to the Full Sail bottle.  It kind of illustrates what a great market Portland is for quality beer, and how we tend to drink pretty locally.

Can you spot any other good stuff in there?  Click the picture to get a bigger version.


  1. I spy Bud Light, Canada Dry, Newcastle, and a neck collar that I'm pretty sure is MacTarnahan's.

  2. OK, let's omit the Bud Light. But Newcastle is a nice find, I see it now. Is the Mac's neck the one right in the foreground?

  3. Just to the right of the Optimator bottle is what I think is Mac's.

  4. Is that a Bridgeport on the left under the clear bottle?

  5. Harry, it doesn't look like how I remember the back of a Bridgeport label, but they have changed the packaging lately, so maybe it is.

    Now I wonder if I see a Sierra Nevada Celebration in the top right corner, just above the "OR" of a Mirror Pond label.

  6. When I lived in Portland I collected my empty bottles (for homebrewing) from recycling bins. Far more than anything else I saw Widmer bottles followed by Deschutes. I didn't see too many Bud Lights.


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