It's Pub Night: A Portland Beer Blog

A few years ago I noticed that my friends and I spend a lot of time talking, theorizing, and plotting about beer.  Oh yeah, and drinking beer in one of the greatest beer scenes the world has ever known -- Portland, Oregon.

Meanwhile, a great friend from my years in Austin, Texas had started an entertaining beer blog called I Love Beer.  In 2007 Lee published some emails of mine about Oregon beer on I Love Beer.  It gave me the idea to start my own blog, named after the ritual weekly phone call or email rounding up friends for a night out: "Hey, it's pub night!".

I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable or most refined beer fanatic in the world.  But I'm lucky to be in the thick of it here in Portland, and I want to share some of the fun with you.

It's Pub Night:  A Global Beer Blog

October 25, 2023

I love having this place to write about beer when I feel like it.  It definitely stopped being the "share the fun of Portland" blog after 2011.  There were no posts at all in 2016, 2018-2020, nor the first 11 months of 2022.  Now I split my time between Portland and Austin, and I'm more likely to write about things I see while travelling, since other writers cover current beer events in those cities much better than I ever could.  My friends and I still do a lot of talking, theorizing, and plotting about beer.