Saturday, August 9, 2008

North of the Border

We were on vacation this week in British Columbia. In Victoria we got to have a beer with Carla's cousin Kelly and his wife Carol. The beer prices were very alarming to us: $6.50 a pint in pubs and $13 a 6-pack in liquor stores (yikes!).

The granddaddy brewpub in Victoria is Spinnaker's. It has a fine waterfront location, but we found the beer and the food both to be bland. The best beer in town was at Swan's Buckerfields -- the cask bitter and cask stout were both very good, as was the seasonal Wit. Right around the corner is the Canoe Brewpub, with acres of harborside seating and a cool atmosphere inside. The bitter there was OK.

Two other local brews I enjoyed on tap were Hermann's Dark Lager from Vancouver Island Brewing and the IPA from Phillips Brewing. I also plunked down $13 for a 6-pack of cans of Race Rocks Amber from Lighthouse Brewing. It was pleasantly malty -- I'd have it again.


  1. Too bad you got my cuz with his eyes closed...he's really almost as good looking as his favorite cousin...Charlsie

  2. Charlsie: my cellphone pictures are some of the worst in the world.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Matt Dolman from down in San Diego. I just saw your blog on Victoria. I was up there the 22nd through the 27th and found for the most part the food an dbeer to bland. I didn't make it to Spinnaker's, but I did make it into one of their beer & wine shops and actually found a decent selection. The best find though, was Ferris' Oyster Bar with both tasty food and beers on tap and reasonable prices for both. I guest blogged on the trip and posted to

  4. Hi Matt!

    I noticed your pictures while you were in Victoria, great job! I tried to email you and send you to Swan's, which was my favorite, but maybe I have the wrong email address.

    I'll have to try Ferris' next time I'm there.


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